01 April 2012

An emotional mess

This weekend has been a little odd.  My father-in-law who has been sick since October 2009, got ill on Thursday and I had to take him to the hospital.  He had stage 4 edema and congestive heart failure (he has had this for years).  They admitted him and figured out that his kidneys were not working.  Into CCU he went so that they could repair the damage.  Yesterday morning I went to visit him.  He was on a bi-level oxygen mask, and had to lift the mask so that I could hear what he had to say.  He was jolly, he was concerned about his dear wife, my mother-in-law.  I took her home and drove the 20 minute drive back to my house.  One hour later the hospital called and told us to get there now.  Some of you can imagine how we felt making that 20 minute drive.  He had coded because he aspirated.  They worked on him and brought him back.  They put him on a vent.  The last 24 hours has been the most critical.  He is fighting for his life.  His body is so weak.  Today a tiny miracle, even with the vent he has been able to communicate with us via those eyes, head shakes, nodding and squeezing our hands.  You can see the love he has for us and how he wants to touch us.

We have been blessed with so many that are praying for him.  Praying for my mother-in-law who thinks the world of him and needs him so much.  April 16 will be their 60th wedding anniversary.  60 years is a long time...a long time in which they have grown to rely on each other for EVERYTHING!!!

I came home from the hospital today counting my blessings that my parents are healthy, that my kids are so wonderful and feeling so proud of my husband who has had to make decisions in the last 24 hours that he never thought he would have to make.  Decisions he thought were made and were not.  Decisions that he does not want to make.  He is so brave so strong!  I am so proud of him!  I know I said that, but I am.

I had to come home and make some cards to calm down my emotions.  I thought more detailed folding would ease my mind and give me time with my thoughts so I could reflect on the last few days.

All patterned papers are by K&CO (Viola Viva, Mira, Bailey, Wild Saffron, Que Sera Sera)
All inks by Tim Holtz
plain cardstock from my scrapbin
word stamp, dot stamp and pear stamp by Technique Tuesday
Bird cage collage stamp by Tim Holtz
tag by K&Co
ribbon by Hobby Lobby
border punch by Fiskars

One more thing, for those of you praying for him, I thank you.  Thank you so very much.