07 April 2012

Sadness and Rejoicing!

My dear father-in-law that has been so sick passed away on Tuesday.  Henry Champion was man who never gave up.  He came into this world fighting and left it in the same way.  He had tried for so long to overcome the weakness that his body kept giving to him. 

 I call him Grandpa, so I will probably refer to him as that the rest of this blog.  Grandpa was a man that I met way before I met my husband.  He used to visit my Sunday School room at church.  I remember him sitting next to me and asking questions about what was going on in my life like I was the only kid on Earth. I know he spent the same amount of time with the other kids too so I know that wasn't true, but it sure felt like it. 

Then I met and later married John. Grandpa continued to be a big influence in our marriage.   He would do anything for us....sometimes without us asking.  His first act of kindness was to pay off our car after we got married. He said he hated for us to have a car payment just starting out.  How wonderful was that?

As our kids came he became a wonderful Grandpa.  No matter how tired he was, all our daughter or son would have to say is "grandpa will you play with me?" and down in the floor he got and played with them like he felt perfect.

As his body began to fail him, it was more difficult to get onto the floor, so he would sit in his chair and be the student to Hannah's teacher (his grades were pretty good).  Even from his hospital bed he would ask about the kids and try to mess around with them if they were visiting.

One Thursday night March 29, I took him to the ER for the last time.  We did not know that at the time, but he was telling me stories about his childhood, about his wife (my mom in law), telling me how special my kids were and things that he wanted to do.  The next day they put him on an oxygen mask making it very difficult to hear what he was saying.  Still he would lift that mask and try to talk to us about things.  By Saturday he took a turn for the worse. His heart decided that it had enough.  What a terrifying few minutes that was.  They sedated him for a while because they had placed him on a ventilator.  
The next day he was coming out of the sedation and was able to communicate with us.  He was writing words, nodding his head and mouthing "I love you".  We will never forget this because it was not long before his heart betrayed him yet again.

This time we lost him.  I made these cards to kind of calm down my nerves and help to heal my sadness. Then I started reflecting on just about everything and it hit me.............

I rejoice that Grandpa is with the Lord in Heaven.  Grandpa lead a wonderful life with Christ and I have no doubts there.  I am saddened that I shall not hear him ask about my kids again.  I am going to hang onto the thought that his body will not betray him ever again, and that is he is happy and hanging with our Lord.  

All paper materials came from my scrapbin (which is starting to run low).  All the color inks are from Tim Holtz (Broken China, Mustard Seed, Worn Lipstick and Spiced Marmalade).  Tim Holtz also created the "artful" charm.  The thank you  and dream stamp is from Fiskars.  The flower stamp is by Close to My Heart.  The Eiffel Tower was drawn and painted by ME.   The embossing powder is by Jo Anns.  The hearts by Making Memories.