15 April 2012

Titanic---100 years later

I have followed the Titanic since I was a very small child.  I have been obsessed with the ins and outs of the ship, the what ifs, the make up of the ship and just the ship in general.  The Titanic helped to fuel my love for massive ocean liners and my deep desire to sail all the time. 

Today marks the 100th year of the sinking of the history making ocean liner.  All day yesterday I followed the real time events. I just wanted to see how I would react when it hit that "100 years mark".  I felt just as I thought I would.  I was very sad.  I had a tear in my eye and I could not help but think "what were those people thinking about and doing at that very minute".  It was a horrible feeling when the clock struck 2:20.

I decided to do a layout based on a Titanic timeline.  This one features a History Channel time line.  While it doesn't contain all the facts, it does offer a wonderful representation of the events that lead up to the sinking.  It was also formatted in a PERFECT way.  Around the timeline I have placed photos of the ship....then and now.

Then I added my collage.  My college sums it all up April 15, 1912 at 2:20 am.  The only thing wrong was that the calendar I used had the 15th on a Saturday when it was a Sunday.  I used a image from a pad of Tim Holtz paper.  The little boy looks like he could have sailed on that ship, maybe in third class. Boy does that make you think.  The gears can be something that could have been in a machine room.  The fabric could have been from a chair in a first class lounge.

What did I do the exact moment?  I said a prayer for all.