12 May 2012

My Upcycle Life

I have this friend, Wendy that well is a pretty cool young lady.  I won't go into describing her into detail because it would take much to long to do so, but I will tell you Wendy is one of those ladies that could wear a potato sack and look like a million bucks.  Her fashion sense is classy, fun, chic, and it seems to come to her effortlessly.  Wendy, has the little ideas and as she said "I just can't get them out of my head" to make things.  So she has started bringing me things.  Once she brought me a t shirt and I made her a scarf from it. Another time she brought me a necklace that was broken. I took some pieces off of it and then put it back together for her.  She has brought me little things that I have fashioned into other items, but did not photograph.  :(

Wendy's necklace
  Wendy had this dress.  A very cute little dress.  The top half was of t shirt material and was brown and white striped.  The bottom was a skirt that was made from lace.  I thought about it for a few days...what could I do.  I knew for sure that I wanted some flowers from the lace and I cut out the material that I needed for that. I knew that I wanted to use the ruffled lace waist part of the dress for a ruffle on a card, so I cut that off.  I knew I wanted the lace hem to make a rolled flower and so I made it so.  I still had the bulk of a lace skirt and the brown and white top.

I just started cutting.  That can be very scary but for me, it is usually when I can make it work.  I cut in lace skirt into 3 strips of fabric and sewed those strips end to end.  Then I cut 2 strips from the brown and white top and sewed those unto the lace strip.  Then I folded in half and stitched up the sides.  I now had a very long tube.  There were some part where the lace was pulled or where I had gotten a little too aggressive with the scissors and I just stitched those up as well.

There was just enough left over  to make some t shirt strips that could be fashioned into a bracelet.  I do believe that this up cycle was a success!!!!!  

this used to be the hem of her skirt

The infinity scarf
The sleeves of Wendy's t shirt

This used to be the sleeves

You can see that there is an additional project here.  This headband was the sleeve of Wendy's first t shirt that I had made into a scarf.  I cut a strip from each sleeve and reenforced the seam.  This makes a wonderful knit headband!  I just embellished it with handmade flowers and handmade leaves...even included a bit of wire for fun!  And BAM!  I have a little headband for Wendy's daughter.    


 I am certainly glad that I have a friend that likes to get rid of her JUNK! :)