27 May 2012

Owl be seeing you in the fall

 Here it is, the moment everyone has waited for SUMMER BREAK!  The never ending task of finding things for your kids to do has begun.  Trevor is just about living at his buddy's house, and will go to camp next week.  Hannah on the other hand is discovering she needs a hobby.  She applied for a job today, and personally I hope she gets it.  She is kind of obsessed with money so earning her own money would be good for her.  Good for her to earn her own cash and have to budget it on her own.  Praying that happens....hopefully she is too.  We will see what God has in store for this little baby girl. 

Today I made a card based on a sketch that my buddy, Shand Stamper made for her baby (affectionately called My Stamper Baby).  Shand was making onsies for her little baby girl and said I could have a copy of what she was using.  Here is the copy, I used some watercolors to make it look like ME!  And then I went digging in the scrapbin for papers to match.

I decided to use this weeks Retro Sketches challenge as my inspiration for the card base.  What a cute sketch.  If you are into card making, this is a great place to get inspired for your designs.  http://retrosketches.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!