16 June 2012

Coke it is

I have been a coke user all my life...ha ha got your attention didn't I?

I am talking about coca cola. I have loved to drink coke since I was a small child. I think it started with those lovely Gibson girls in the ads and then came about the taste. I don't really drink anything else.  Actually, I can't remember the last time I did.

My husband shares this love and we were just talking about how cokes tastes different.  Like in Mexico, the syrup is thicker and has a sweeter taste.  In the USA the plastic bottles taste terrible, the can tastes "normal", but the glass bottles are SUPER!!!!!  We have decided we are going to stock up on the bottles you can get at Dollar General, the syrup to water ratio is pretty perfect and we need to buy it before they change it.

That lead the conversation to places NOT putting enough syrup in their fountain drinks.  We have a list of worst and best places to get a coke (or a cherry coke). These are Paducah locations by the way.

1. Steak and Shake
2.  Sonic
3. Hardees
4. Dairy Queen

1. Pizza by the Pound
2.  Cracker Barrel
3. McDonalds

I would love to know what you think....speak your mind below.