16 June 2012

Random Cards and thoughts

I haven't much to say this weekend. I guess I did it all this week.  I have worked very hard in getting our home together during my time off school.  I have hired the painting of the eaves, check.  Fixed the grout in the bathroom, check.  Fixed the hole in the deck, check.  Had my dad build the bookcase, check.  Had the plumber fix the pipes, check.  Repaired all knicks in the living room wall, check.  Talked to someone about replacing my windows, check.  Repainted the bathroom cabinet, check.

I still need to fix that stupid laminate floor in the kitchen, considering ripping it all up.  Still need to refinish the kitchen cabinets, I do believe that I will work on that next.

We refinanced our house.  Got a great rate and will own it in just a few short years.

You can imagine with all this work I have not had much free time to make things. I have not made cards.  I have made three wedding gifts and these cards and that is it.  I hope you like my cards.  There were quick and fun.