23 June 2012

Recycled "ART"

I am all about leaving a smaller footprint on this world.  The mark I leave on Earth is not one that trashed the place.  I want to leave a mark that says "wow she made a difference".  Today my difference is in TRASH!

I have started collecting what some would call TRASH.  I am making things from this garbage.  Some things are going to be serviceable and some just a dust collector (so essentially I am leaving a dust bunny trail).

Today I challenged myself with a box of junk and a sundrop can.

Let's start with the can....

I first decided to clean the can and cut it apart.  The aluminum is much thinner than I thought it would be no wonder I have punctured many a sundrop can. Next I decided to use punches and punch out shapes.  I wasn't sure what I could do with that.

Then a vision came to me. The punched pieces would make a great base. I decided to color the pieces with alcohol inks using an inking tip that I got from Tim Holtz. I still needed something else. I needed to make flowers!

I cut a spiral from the can. Let me tell you this was not that easy, you have to be very careful not to slice your finger. Once cut, I inked it with alcohol ink I began to roll it. I started from the wide part of the spiral. This can he tricky as the edges are very sharp. It seems to be worth the trouble. Finish it by adding a dan of hot glue to hold it together. I will probably add these to some canvas art.