10 July 2012

Def Leppard 2012

Just got back from another Def Leppard concert and while Joe's voice is a little rougher than it was 20+ years ago, their overall sound was BETTER.  I am certain there are enhancements, to Joe's voice, to the drums, but man it is a wonderful experience!

I do miss seeing them in the round, but that will never happen again. I am just grateful that they are no longer playing those tiny little places they played in the 90's.  They didn't seem to want to keep playing then.  Now they played a solid 2 hours.  Not as long as Bon Jovi, but she show was just as good.  And in my opinion the music was MUCH better.

I loved the jumbo trons.  This is my first time seeing them use this many and it was a thrill to see their faces up close during solos and while singing.  And this time unlike others I took a camera with a pretty good zoom, so I got good shots. I haven't had good shots since 1988.  Now these are NOT nearly as good because I wasn't that close.

To go along with a great show, I got to spend the afternoon and evening with 3 special ladies.  My 3 little concert buddies.  Tammy, Kristi and Ginger.  Three girls that I met during my time at Olivet.  Three of the best things. These girls are there for you whenever you need them. They are there for laughs, fun and to tell you that you need to come down off that high horse.  Tonight was pretty much a perfect night, what would have made it perfect?  To chat with the band!