01 July 2012

I will wring you up by your neck

Today I made scarves! I had leftover fabric that needed to be purged from my craft closest and decided that scarves would be the best way to clean out that closet.  I first took two large rectangles of fabric, one in a brown chiffon like and one a floral rayon blend.  I stitched them together to make one long rectangle.  Then I fold them in half right sides together and stitched up the long side.  I turned it right side out and stitched closed the bottom and bam an infinity scarf.  FAST and easy!

The next one took some more work.  First I started with 2 7 inch wide rectangles and strips of pink.  I stitched the pink up to make two long ruffles. I pinned those ruffles to the long sides of one of the black rectangles.  I then placed the other rectangle on top of this rectangle and pinned the ruffles in the inside.   I was making a tube full of ruffles.  I stitched closed the tube on the long sides.  Next I turned it right side out.

And it looked like this. Each end had a selvage so I did not have to hem up the ends, but I did decide to use some black thread and stitch the ends closed.  I am very pleased with this one. 

Lastly, I was running out of fabric, and just made two long black rectangles again. I took some left over striped material and made ruffles from it.  I wanted a sloppy look so I did not serge the edges.  I layered two rolls of ruffles on each end of one rectangle and stitched in place with a zig zag.  Then I made another tube using the last black rectangle and stitched that baby closed in all but a small area so I could turn it right sides out.  I slip stitched it closed. I like it!!!!