20 August 2012

The Aquas have it

A couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law complained to me that her great grandkids played in the freezer and then it made a puddle of water under the door.  She cleaned it up and that was the last I had heard of it........UNTIL Sunday!!!!!

It's Sunday around noon and I get a phone call.....my mother in law was taking a nap and a boom happened.  She then heard the carbon monoxide detector going off, but she could not get out of bed.  She said it took her a few minutes to get up and when she did she unplugged the detector.  She had her smarts to call the neighbor (but not to get out of the house). And they called the fire department.  Turns out the freezer (that was about 40 years old) decided it was time for it to die.

John and I head that way with trashbags and coolers in tow.  Our goal to save some of the food.  We get there and the house smells like an electrical fire smoke.  Pretty strong and pretty terrible, I am surprised my Mom-in-law could stand it.  I open the freezer and there is water everywhere.  I start looking at things NOTHING is frozen....this thing has not worked for a while.  Meat has started turning brown, things are starting to smell.  I am throwing things in trashbags while my mom in law is not liking that and she is trying to save things by putting them in the fridge.  John gives her a Popsicle that was completely melted and she puts it in the fridge!!!!

After 6 trashbags and one cooler the freezer is empty and still a big smelly!!!

We decide she does not need another freezer because nothing in there was touched for probably 5 months, so we clean up the floor while John removes the freezer from the home.  There is evidence of a fire under the freezer, a nice burned area.  Well, we know why the house smelled like an electrical fire.

What a complete mess and waste of money (all that food)!

I came home and made a couple of cards to destress from the conversations that were going on while all the above was happening.  And there is NO way you want to know what was said.

The beach card was made with:
Balmy stamp set by Stampin UP
Buttons from my stash
String by DMC
Grungeboard sign frame by Tim Holtz
beads and star from my cross stitch bin
string paper and torn papers from my scrapbin
Evergreen Bough, Mustard Seed, Iced Spruce, Old Paper, and Crushed Olive by Distress/Tim Holtz
Black ink by Ranger/Archival

brads by Making Memories

A thing of beauty:
Photo of Theda Bara from the internet
Doily from my stash
script paper from a Prima package
Font is bleeding cowboy (inside font Calli)

Evergreen Bough by Distress/Tim Holtz
Black by Ranger/Archival