02 September 2012

Labor Day weekend projects

I have accomplished tons this weekend!  Friday I took the girls to the mail and met up with my buddy Andrea.  We had $2.00 grande frapps!!  Saturday I woke up early drove to Mayfield to get my mom in laws haircut and do a bit around the house.  After that I headed to Paducah to watch Trevor play football.  Trevor then took a much needed shower and we headed to the lake for some ocean boneless fish.  

Grandma needed groceries so we headed back to Mayfield and did some walmart shopping for her.  What a long day.

Sunday I worked on some projects...All the ones featured here.  Oh and I did 3 loads of laundry.  It is now bed time and I am just now eating!! 

Enjoy my stuff....oh, why are there no photos on the layouts?  Because I am out of photos to scrap. I have to take more.  Being caught up stinks when you need to scrap.