16 September 2012

Sunday afternoon work

This Sunday afternoon, I had laundry to wash, dry and fold; lunches to fix, clothes to put away, regular lunch to fix, bathrooms to clean, floors to mop and on top of that I had to teach Trevor how to do some art things.

The kid whined but he did it, he made some great creations.  Even had time to go to church.  And in between it all I had time to make three cards for CR84FN.  Yay.

I will go backwards one day and tell you about the Trace Creek Crop.  I love this day for many reasons but my favorite reason is that this day provides the mixing of my very favorite thing with Jesus!!!  The fellowship with some fine ladies is a little bit of perfection.  The shopping divine (I only spent what I made yesterday).  I completed an entire album.  I will have to show you that later because it is for a Christmas present.  I will show you my cards.