25 November 2012

Mojo Monday for the holidays

I found these great little plastic cups at Kohl's for $2.10 and I could save 20% off that...so they were a no brainer.  The issue with them was that they were graduation cups, but upon further inspection I realized the inserts came out and you could customize with a photo of your graduate.  Then I thought, "think out of the box".  I took out the entire insert and put in one of my very own.

I used the Mojo Monday sketch and created my new and improved inserts to go along with this week's sketch.  These things were very hard to photograph and for some reason, they appear to be sideways.  I am still having the issues with the Mac portion. 

I can't wait to give this to a certain special someone. 

All materials are from a kit that I bought years ago by Westrim Crafts, with the exception of the flowers.  The paper flowers are from CM and the fabric flowers are from an arrangement at my house. 

04 November 2012

Pondering Life's Issues

I would be lying if I said the last few months have been easy....with the death of my father-in-law there have been many challenges that our family has had to face.  While making today's cards I was reflecting on the what could have been, what should have been done a long time ago. 

I won't bore you with details, but I have learned that not only do you need to ensure your documents are in one place (which mine have always been), but they need to be in order and you need to make a list of the policies you have.  You also need to make sure that the ones you leave behind are cared for.  If they cannot take care of themselves you need to make sure your wishes are known regarding them.  Even if they are an adult. 

With these photos I wondered about the women in the photos, I wondered about their lives and if they were cared for. I wondered did their family neglect their needs because they were afraid of them?  Did their family let them make choices they simply were not equipped to make?  Or did they have the most perfect life and death?  Such a depressing topic today.  So we move on and think about how pretty the ladies are. Simply beautiful.

The last lady is one that I painted and she is inspired by Billie Burke.  I have been reading about her and she is quite interesting.  I made this lady a winter fairy, but she is very much based on Glinda the Good Witch of the North. 

Thank you for viewing today.  Have a wonderful day! 

Thank you CR84FN for the color choices, colors I might not choose to use, but I am pleased with the results. 

How utterly depressing

In February 2011, I contacted Dell and had a computer made just for me.  I picked the top of the line on the i5 processor.  The Aurora Borealis background, which was so perfect for me and the subwofers for my tunes. 

I had a little trouble with it in May 2011.  It would not charge, I called Dell and they sent a tech from Connecting Point out to my house.  He changed the motherboard and the power cord and it worked fine for a while.  In October 2011, I called Dell again. I got a dude that barely spoke English and he could not understand me nor I him, so I had to hang up.  Same week I called again, power cord still not charging. I just want them to look at it again. Nope, I will have to pay for an extended warranty.  I asked the dude why and he said "because of what is wrong your motherboard will fail".  I explained to him that I all ready had a changed motherboard and he said I must buy the extended warranty. I told him it was UNDER warranty NOW and I want it fixed.  He said he could NOT help me. 

December called again.  We detect no issues I was told. I asked them to remote into the unit because it was still not charging as it should.  They would not do so.  They asked me again to buy a warranty and I told them I was still under a warranty and why won't they support it?  We are offering free phone support, I was told.  Bull!

February, we hit the out of warranty date.  It is performing fine. I thought, well maybe the power cord is just going to be jinky. 

July, complete problem because of a virus.  I have no idea how I got a virus, this is one person who is scared of everything, but I did.  Or at least that was what Office Depot told me.

October, I am sitting down to load up some photos...everything is fine.  Computer says "10% battery" I get out the cord, plug it into the unit and then the power strip.  It would NOT work again.  I look at the screen and everything starts shutting down like a windows update was taking over.  Then NOTHING!!!! 

Guess what, the mother board died.  Dell would NOT support it because I did not buy the extended warranty.  For $179 they will fix it, but I am wondering is it even worth it?  I would love your opinions on the matter. 

In the meantine, RIP Aurora!