04 November 2012

How utterly depressing

In February 2011, I contacted Dell and had a computer made just for me.  I picked the top of the line on the i5 processor.  The Aurora Borealis background, which was so perfect for me and the subwofers for my tunes. 

I had a little trouble with it in May 2011.  It would not charge, I called Dell and they sent a tech from Connecting Point out to my house.  He changed the motherboard and the power cord and it worked fine for a while.  In October 2011, I called Dell again. I got a dude that barely spoke English and he could not understand me nor I him, so I had to hang up.  Same week I called again, power cord still not charging. I just want them to look at it again. Nope, I will have to pay for an extended warranty.  I asked the dude why and he said "because of what is wrong your motherboard will fail".  I explained to him that I all ready had a changed motherboard and he said I must buy the extended warranty. I told him it was UNDER warranty NOW and I want it fixed.  He said he could NOT help me. 

December called again.  We detect no issues I was told. I asked them to remote into the unit because it was still not charging as it should.  They would not do so.  They asked me again to buy a warranty and I told them I was still under a warranty and why won't they support it?  We are offering free phone support, I was told.  Bull!

February, we hit the out of warranty date.  It is performing fine. I thought, well maybe the power cord is just going to be jinky. 

July, complete problem because of a virus.  I have no idea how I got a virus, this is one person who is scared of everything, but I did.  Or at least that was what Office Depot told me.

October, I am sitting down to load up some photos...everything is fine.  Computer says "10% battery" I get out the cord, plug it into the unit and then the power strip.  It would NOT work again.  I look at the screen and everything starts shutting down like a windows update was taking over.  Then NOTHING!!!! 

Guess what, the mother board died.  Dell would NOT support it because I did not buy the extended warranty.  For $179 they will fix it, but I am wondering is it even worth it?  I would love your opinions on the matter. 

In the meantine, RIP Aurora!