13 January 2013

2nd productive weekend of 2013

I tried to be very productive this weekend. I created 16 scrapbook layouts, 8 cards, one owl and 4 painted ladies.  I also squeezed in a fast 7 hour trip to Bowling Green and back through a giant rain storm!!

The way to be more productive with your memory keeping is just to get it done.  Some of the things that I made this weekend were quick and to the point, just to record the memory...while some took literally hours to complete.  Some folks are scared of scrapbooking because they don't know where to start, some are so far behind they lose heart, and some just can't stay focused.  The later is a problem for me....if I don't have a paintbrush in my hand I simply have trouble focusing (could be that ADHD?), I just became disciplined.  I will NOT let myself do something else until I finish. I set small goals at first "today I will complete 2 layouts", but once I get in a groove I set my sights higher just to prove to myself "I COULD do it!!"  Yesterday my goal was 10 layouts, I find it easier to accomplish if I write down the goal.  I wrote down on a sheet of paper, "complete 10 layouts", being competitive with everything I do, I sought out a way to outdo that goal.  Hence the completion of 16.

Focusing on card making is much easier.  Less time is involved in the entire process so I can usually accomplish many more. For this round I only completed 8.  There were quite a few today that took a bit of time to produce.  The Marilyn card with the pocket and 3 tags took a tremendous amount of time.  The Marilyn on the block was completed in only a couple of minutes.

There are many hours involved in the owl. I have put simplified instructions below.

The whole purpose of this was to tell you that you CAN leave your family story.  You CAN make cards to show you are grateful.  You CAN be creative.  You simply need to sit down and do it.  Make a goal in 2013 to make something.  Anything!!!  Maybe you cook, maybe you sewing, maybe you have wanted to try something but never had the guts. NOW is the time!  Make a bigger impact by giving it to someone you care about  There is nothing like getting a handmade gift from someone you love.

Tidbits on making your own owl:  I first had to draw him out onto paper just the way I wanted him to appear.  His body was cut from a leftover piece of mat board.  His wings from grunge board and then decoupaged with paper to match my utility room.  I liked the wings so much I pulled out the K&Co Urban Rhapsody paper pack (the paper I used for the utility room), and cover the owl body.  I made a stomach patch from the paper and covered that in Paisley Park plastic thingys.  Once the wings were dry I dotted Tim Holtz Distress Crackle paint on the front and back of wings.  The eyes were made by cutting circle of leftover fabric and burning the edges with a candle.  Each eye has two different sized circles that I squished up and glued.  The feet and beak are made from leftover Technique Tuesday tiles. Everything was distressed with Tim Holtz distress products.

both layouts feature journaling on the back