06 January 2013

A canvas of a different color

For this canvas, I wanted to do something that I had never done.  Something really different. 

First of all, I took a blank 12x12 canvas and glued a tissue paper tree with many layers on the right side. I actually got this idea from another artist, but I ended up not really having it visible in the final product. 

My next step was to post a photo of myself right smack dab in the middle.  I chose a color photo that I was not too in love with.  My thought process was that the photo would take a back seat to the "stuff" I was adding.

The next step was add the "stuff".  I used a variety objects that I have collected, flowers, magnets, game pieces, foam thingys, beads, rope, charms and baubles.  I had to use many different types of glue to adhere the objects....E6000, hot glue, craft glue and modge podge. After all that dried and stuck around I "painted" everything but my photo with gesso.  This was a long process.  I wanted to get this thing ready for many layers of paint.

I covered my photo with a paper towel.  Now starts the fun....I used many of my Michelle's Musings misting sprays as well as the commercial sprays.  I layered and layered these paints and in spots I used acrylic paints. I just really wanted to add colors.  When I got it like I wanted I removed the paper towel. I added gesso horizontal lines to give movement.

viola!!! It's all finished!