06 January 2013

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations

Our house was built around 1967 and the cabinets in the home have never been repainted and frankly I don't think anything has ever been done to them since the day they were installed.  I was fed up!  Check out the before pictures and you will see exactly how bad the cabinets looked.  They also had another problem that you didn't see, if you closed them you would have to lift on the doors to make them fit.  The cabinets hung loose and were just plain pitiful.  

My first thing had to be to number the doors. Since they are custom made every door is a different size and I thought numbering them would be easier for me. I first labeled with masking tape and as I took down the door I wrote the number on the side of the door that does not show when hung.  For the top cabinets it was the top edge and the bottom it was the bottom edge. 

I then took off all the doors, cleaned the hinges (I was saving them) and filled every single hole where a door was attached to the cabinet base.  This step was long and messy, but my intention was to hang these doors as if the cabinet base was new and then I would have a tight fit with no sagging doors.  Then came the kit......

The first three photos are the before photos

I had enough left over to do our pantry cabinet.  The before is on the left, it was sponged a combo of our kitchen colors and the right is the after, looks nice doesn't it?  I am pleased with everything, the ease of use, the actual product, everything.

The bottom cabinets are finished, the top cabinet are in two different stages.  The part of the cabinets on the left is being transformed, the ones on the right are the original cabinet finish.
Look at the difference in finished and the old way
New hardware pulls in the look.  Hardware was $70 at Lowe's for 12 drawer pulls and 22 knobs
The finished project.  Next we got a new stove (not pictured) and I am working on a new curtain.  Counter tops will happen in the spring.