19 January 2013

The Third weekend of 2013

I always have a fear of not finishing things. I try hard to achieve the end of the goal. I write down my goals and follow through with completion.  There is something wonderful about adding that check mark on the iPhone or marking a line through the paper notes.  A deep satisfaction.

Proverbs 15:23 - "A man finds joy in giving an apt reply and how good is a timely word!"

One of my goals last year was to send more cards. I did EXCELLENT with that goal last year. I sent more cards than I ever had before even to random folks just so they would know someone cared. I can't tell you how many people would email me back saying that my card arrived when the needed it most.  That God must have knew they needed that encouragement today.  That is how it started...I let God guide me with who needed a card.  Often when I sat down to write out the cards I had NO idea who would be receiving the cards and BAM it just hit me who needed it.

Here is a verse I remember when I am trying to stay on target

2 Timothy 1:7
  For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 

Self discipline!! I try to use it every day of my life.  If you find it hard  to stay focused, stay on task, to achieve the goal, think about writing down your goals.  Even a simple task of "fold laundry" or "put away computer cords" all the way to "get oil changed" gets completed with a goal sheet.  

If you need help with what type of goal sheet to use, there are some fabulous ones in word, on the internet or if you have an iPhone my new favorite is Wunderlist.  It syncs to my mac and iphone with no issues.  It has a place for lists that include shopping, private, work and  a wish list.    http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist

I realized if I am going to keep this goal of sending cards in 2013, I needed to make more...so today that was my focus.  I have missed every CR84FN this year so today was  good time to start back in my routine.  Actually, I did two weeks of challenges even though one had ended.  This is the color palate for the previous week.

I am so in love with the colors.  Raspberry, Lavender and Neutral.  What a perfect combo! I have always wanted a room in the raspberry color....ALWAYS!!

Three of the fours cards used for this scheme have a 1920/1930 vibe.  I have this Graphic 45 paper from the Curtain Calls collection that is simply perfect for someone like I (that is someone going through a 1930 fab).

Picture Perfect....eatures Rudolph Valentino and I am pretty sure, Theda Bara.  If it is not Theda I will be shocked.  It is just hard to tell given the rough drawing.  Both were very famous in their day, Rudy was seen as SEXY and Theda was VAMPY (all be it a bit trashy in my eyes).  This is a simple design using the Graphic 45 tags and Creative Memories paper.  All inks are by Tim Holtz (Distress line). 

The next two use a jazzy font from my MAC (Andes).  I used Jazzing sayings from the Roaring 20's.  Again, I used the Graphic 45 tags, do you see Louis Armstrong?  I also used more of the CM paper and of course the Tim Holtz ink.  The brads are by K&Co from the Mira collection.

The last one is my favorite. I took a die cut from K&Co and inked it using Walnut Stain.  I took the CM paper once again and inked it, then spritzed with water.  I sprayed the butterfly with water and curled the wings and left a hump along the body so it looked three dimensional.  I inked the back of the wings to give some depth.  After she dried I glued her onto the CM paper.  I think poked holes for the antenna and a flying trail.  I used DMC floss to backstitch along the holes.  I absolutely LOVE the way this one looks.