24 February 2013

Cigar Box Tutorial

At the Trace Creek Crop yard sale, I found a $1 cigar box.  I HAD to have it!  I opened it and it did indeed smell of cigar (have to figure out how to fix that).  Now it was time to decorate the box.

I measured everything first.  I didn't like the way it was measuring so I went back to the technique I use all the time.....eyeballing. My eyeballing skills are WAY better than my measuring skills.  I must say they were much more accurate as well.

After I eyeballed the paper size and cut the papers to that size. I inked the pieces of paper with Walnut Stain, Worn Lipstick and Black Soot.  All by Tim Holtz (Distress Inks).  Then I misted with water.

 I didn't think the paper had enough depth so I wadded up the papers, opened them and inked again. Once again I misted with water. 

The box was an ugly yellow and the paper I was using by Lost and Found by MME which was colored in pinks and browns with a smidgen of green.  For sure yellow would not work. I had brought my gouache paints with me to Trace Creek so I mixed some crimson red, dark brown, and a bit of white together. I got the perfect dirty pink color.  I painted all the edges of the box in this dirty pink. 

Gouache dries quickly, so I was ready for the next step in just a minute or so.  I used Aleene's tacky glue, because frankly I think it is the best.  I put the glue onto the box and paper. I wanted a good hold.  then I started putting it on.  I am one of those folks that could are less if I get glue/paint/ink on my hands so I really rubbed the paper into the cracks and the edges and even molded the paper to fit the corners. My hands were a wreck, but the effect is well worth it.  Give it a try. You can always clean up with soap and water. 

Once the paper was adhered I added ribbon onto the edges for one more dimension.   The box is starting to take shape. I knew that I could not finish it here at Trace Creek, because I would need some bling....but I did try to get as much decoration on the box as possible.  Here is what the box looked like when I left Trace Creek.

Now, once I got home I had to add to the box......I misted the box with Michelle's Musings Sterling Silver shimmer paint and allowed that to dry.  I did not want to use a heat gun because I did not want to risk damaging the box.  The next step was to paint the box with modge podge.  I used a matte finish, this will provide a more durable surface...if there is one thing I hate it is when someone makes something and doesn't protect it so it lasts.  All that hard work gets bent up/dirtied up and falls apart.  It's a shame in the fact that the work goes down the drain and that you lost the great object you made or made for someone.  Protect your work!!!!

Here is the finished product....enjoy GET CREATIVE!!!  What do you have lying around the house that you can repurpose?

Trace Creek Crop Completed Projects

One of my favorite days of the year is the Trace Creek Crop.  Yesterday was a day that my friends and I look forward to for months and months.  We got signed up in December and then you impatiently wait until it's here. 

I didn't have extremely lofty scrapbooking goals yesterday. I am still until that stupid weight restriction and I wasn't sure I would be able to sit all day. In all actuality I found that I could sit for a while, get up and shop or just walk around and talk and I was fine. 

I accomplished 3 scrapbook pages (I am almost finished with the October cruise, then onto the Christmas Harry Potter).  I made one cigar box (which I plan on doing a tutorial to very soon), and 16 cards. 

Most of the cards that I made were completed using the Lucille paper pack.  I found this in October at Archivers and it has been a constant favorite since then.  It is reminiscent of the old fashioned clothing patterns my grandma used and the floral papers are very much like the patterns of dress that I wore in the 1970's.  I spent $12 at one of the booths yesterday to get some Lucille chipboard and tags. The other paper that I used was another favorite, Ladies Diary by Graphic 45. 

09 February 2013

The dollar bin birdhouse

I found this cute little birdhouse in the dollar bin at Michael's. I decided it would be good in my laundry room make over so I purchased it. It was a paper mâché finish. The first thing I did was gesso the entire thing so I could paint over t and get true colors to my paint.

I chose the colors that I have been using for my other utility room projects. I thought it might be nice to try an ombré effect since e that was so hip. One thing I dot usually rinse my brush between colors. Actually I hardly ever rinse my brush. You can tell, but I really like the effect.

Once my paint dried, I took some walnut stain distress ink and a new dry brush. I brushed the brush against the stamp pad then dry brushed onto the house. The effect turned out nice.

Newspaper roses

I had read somewhere, probably Pinterest, about a girl that made roses from newspapers. I don't recall ever reading how to make them, but decided that I wanted to make some for this utility room makeover thing I am doing. Actually I am planning on framing them.....after I make the frame that is.

Since I didn't read to tutorial I had to make up my own. I took a newspaper that was still rolled up from the driveway and cut the roll into pieces. Quite like you
would if you were slicing bread. My slices were about 1-1.5 inches thick. After I complete the slices, I unrolled the slices and glued them end to end....making a long strip. It did sort of roll up on itself, but I thought that would be easier to make into a rose. I actually used a glue stick to glue my strips together. Then I started rolling. I would roll a bit and then twist the newspaper to make what would appear to be a petal. I just kept repeating the process. When the flower was as large as I desired I cut the strip and glued it under my flower. Then I started rolling the next flower. I got 5 flowers from one a newspaper.

Once I finished with the last flower I started painting the flowers. I used a pink and a red. I poured both into my palette next to each other. I used mostly pink to paint the flower, then I dipped my brush without cleaning in the red. I brushed it too the flower in other parts. Then I loaded my brush with pink and red and went over it again.

I repeated the process with two shades of blue and the same brush. Therefore I got a tad of purple on these flowers.

I liked the effect hope you do too.

Relax, don't do it

Pick your pleasure:

You are lying on a beach doing nothing but sitting and listening to the ocean.

Or you are just swinging on your porch swing, staring into space.

Sounds wonderful right?

NO!!!  That person is so not me. Yes, I like to go to the beach, but I will not simply sit there and do nothing.  Yes, I like a good porch swing, but for about 5 minutes then I am done.  I am simply not that person that can sit and do nothing.  To me if just gets me uptight and anxious and makes me rest even less.

Even if it is forced upon me!!!!!!

January 29, I was at work. My back was killing me.  Which was not out of the norm.  My back has been hurting a lot there for months because my chair is simply too uncomfortable.  So no big deal. I stood up like I normally do while I worked.  Only today it did little to alleviate the pain.  Lunch came and I started getting sick to my stomach.  I thought it was my chicken and dumplins because it was a tad undercooked.  So I ate some peanut butter.  That seemed to do the trick.  After lunch I went back to work and all the sudden my face got numb. Quite like it does before a seizure comes on.  I stood up and drank a Dr Pepper.  Thanks to the girls at work nurturing me through, I made it the rest of the work day. 

I got home and all the pain increased, by now I thought I was having a heartattack.  I call my mom because I want her.  She's got the flu!!!!  She encourages me to go to the ER.  We do.  I am a germ a phob, but at this point my pain was so bad I was rolling on the ER floor.  I am grossed out by it now, but I was in horrible pain.  Many many many hours later it was determined I needed my gall bladder out, but I was told they don't do emergency surgery in the ER.  I was NOT in the frame of mind to argue or I would have. Had my mom been there, I am bet $100 I would have been wheeled into surgery.  Had I not been drugged up, I bet I would have gotten better results, but at 3am.....everybody wanted to go to bed.  I got up the next day and went to my doctor, she said if she could do the surgery it would come out now.  She made appointment for the scans.  Apparently, they won't take it out until you have had the scans, even though I had a PET scan in the ER.  It was instantly determined I needed it out.  I had one stone that was almost 1.5 inches big and another right behind it that was massive. 

I was told it would be a two week wait to see my surgeon of choice.  There was no way in this pain, that I would make that.  I had some friends that called the doctor and I got an appointment for the next day.  I went into the appointment on that Friday (having not eaten because I really could not eat, the pain was miserable) and he said "we are going to surgery now".  Turns out I was very bad and should have had it out the very first night in the ER.  The doctor did not even understand why they didn't call him that night.  I now had a bad infection and required a drain.  Almost a hospital stay, but luckily that did not come to be.

Fast forward one week....last night was my one week post surgery.  One thing I have learned....when my body can't do something I sleep.  I don't enjoy being in bed, on the couch....so I sleep. I guess that is good.  Yesterday, Friday, was the first day I could do something. I learned how (since sitting up for a long time is still a problem) to make cards lying on the couch. 

My cards may not be the most perfect, but I am very pleased. I started at 8am and finished around 8pm and I made 8 cards during that time.  Not nearly as well as I could do if I was normal but pretty good for someone in my condition. 

I am excited to be going back to work Monday.  Even for a half day.  I am excited for a schedule, for my friends and getting back to normal!!!

Have a great weekend.