09 February 2013

Newspaper roses

I had read somewhere, probably Pinterest, about a girl that made roses from newspapers. I don't recall ever reading how to make them, but decided that I wanted to make some for this utility room makeover thing I am doing. Actually I am planning on framing them.....after I make the frame that is.

Since I didn't read to tutorial I had to make up my own. I took a newspaper that was still rolled up from the driveway and cut the roll into pieces. Quite like you
would if you were slicing bread. My slices were about 1-1.5 inches thick. After I complete the slices, I unrolled the slices and glued them end to end....making a long strip. It did sort of roll up on itself, but I thought that would be easier to make into a rose. I actually used a glue stick to glue my strips together. Then I started rolling. I would roll a bit and then twist the newspaper to make what would appear to be a petal. I just kept repeating the process. When the flower was as large as I desired I cut the strip and glued it under my flower. Then I started rolling the next flower. I got 5 flowers from one a newspaper.

Once I finished with the last flower I started painting the flowers. I used a pink and a red. I poured both into my palette next to each other. I used mostly pink to paint the flower, then I dipped my brush without cleaning in the red. I brushed it too the flower in other parts. Then I loaded my brush with pink and red and went over it again.

I repeated the process with two shades of blue and the same brush. Therefore I got a tad of purple on these flowers.

I liked the effect hope you do too.