09 February 2013

Relax, don't do it

Pick your pleasure:

You are lying on a beach doing nothing but sitting and listening to the ocean.

Or you are just swinging on your porch swing, staring into space.

Sounds wonderful right?

NO!!!  That person is so not me. Yes, I like to go to the beach, but I will not simply sit there and do nothing.  Yes, I like a good porch swing, but for about 5 minutes then I am done.  I am simply not that person that can sit and do nothing.  To me if just gets me uptight and anxious and makes me rest even less.

Even if it is forced upon me!!!!!!

January 29, I was at work. My back was killing me.  Which was not out of the norm.  My back has been hurting a lot there for months because my chair is simply too uncomfortable.  So no big deal. I stood up like I normally do while I worked.  Only today it did little to alleviate the pain.  Lunch came and I started getting sick to my stomach.  I thought it was my chicken and dumplins because it was a tad undercooked.  So I ate some peanut butter.  That seemed to do the trick.  After lunch I went back to work and all the sudden my face got numb. Quite like it does before a seizure comes on.  I stood up and drank a Dr Pepper.  Thanks to the girls at work nurturing me through, I made it the rest of the work day. 

I got home and all the pain increased, by now I thought I was having a heartattack.  I call my mom because I want her.  She's got the flu!!!!  She encourages me to go to the ER.  We do.  I am a germ a phob, but at this point my pain was so bad I was rolling on the ER floor.  I am grossed out by it now, but I was in horrible pain.  Many many many hours later it was determined I needed my gall bladder out, but I was told they don't do emergency surgery in the ER.  I was NOT in the frame of mind to argue or I would have. Had my mom been there, I am bet $100 I would have been wheeled into surgery.  Had I not been drugged up, I bet I would have gotten better results, but at 3am.....everybody wanted to go to bed.  I got up the next day and went to my doctor, she said if she could do the surgery it would come out now.  She made appointment for the scans.  Apparently, they won't take it out until you have had the scans, even though I had a PET scan in the ER.  It was instantly determined I needed it out.  I had one stone that was almost 1.5 inches big and another right behind it that was massive. 

I was told it would be a two week wait to see my surgeon of choice.  There was no way in this pain, that I would make that.  I had some friends that called the doctor and I got an appointment for the next day.  I went into the appointment on that Friday (having not eaten because I really could not eat, the pain was miserable) and he said "we are going to surgery now".  Turns out I was very bad and should have had it out the very first night in the ER.  The doctor did not even understand why they didn't call him that night.  I now had a bad infection and required a drain.  Almost a hospital stay, but luckily that did not come to be.

Fast forward one week....last night was my one week post surgery.  One thing I have learned....when my body can't do something I sleep.  I don't enjoy being in bed, on the couch....so I sleep. I guess that is good.  Yesterday, Friday, was the first day I could do something. I learned how (since sitting up for a long time is still a problem) to make cards lying on the couch. 

My cards may not be the most perfect, but I am very pleased. I started at 8am and finished around 8pm and I made 8 cards during that time.  Not nearly as well as I could do if I was normal but pretty good for someone in my condition. 

I am excited to be going back to work Monday.  Even for a half day.  I am excited for a schedule, for my friends and getting back to normal!!!

Have a great weekend.