03 March 2013

Sunday afternoon good times

This is the album I made today. It is the second chipboard album that I made yesterday.  The Marilyn page is my favorite. The image on the far right is a stencil that I had cut, the other three Marilyn faces are transparencies that I made.  I printed Marilyn faces using my Marilyn dingbat font.  I took packing tape and adhered to the front of the faces.  I pressed it down and even rolled the brayer over each image.  Then I ran warm water along the back and rubbed off the paper.  I LOVE the way they turned out.  This page will actually be added to the album I made yesterday. 

This second album was made for a friend that just recently had to put her dog to sleep.  She is heartbroken and I thought it might help to have a place to reflect on her beloved dog and maybe relive a memory or two.