15 March 2013

Yard Work

I think it's good for your kids to do some work around the house.  Today was a lovely day and I planned on getting much done.  I gave each kid requirements....Hannah was to clean the cat and Trevor was to help me in the flower bed for half an hour.  The half hour passed and he said, "we can keep working".  We pulled vines, cut back stuff and cleaned out all the leaves from the front two beds.  What was a required 30 minutes turned into 3 hours!!!!  As we were nearing the end you could tell Trevor was having enough and may have committed to more than he wanted to.  I let him get out the garden hose and wash the porch, the wheelbarrow and the driveway. This was the greatest thing ever...given that it was 72 outside, he squirted himself, ran through the spray and generally made a mess.  It was quite amusing to see him having such a good time. Hannah missed out, she should have come out with us.  Of course her idea of fun is to go to the mall for 3 hours!