05 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Here are my gifts for the moms in my life.

The Flowers were made by scoring card stock on the Martha Stewart scoring board.  Most of the flowers are scored on the 1/2 inch line.  A few use the 1/4 inch marking.  I made fan type shapes like we made when I was a child.  I took the fan shape and tightly tied a ribbon around the middle.  Then I took the fan ends and glued them together so they made a circle shape.  I used Alene's tacky glue and used black binder clips to secure until glue dried.  

Then I adored the middle of each flower....some feature rosettes, some crocheted flowers, some pebbles, even plain ribbon.  I then turned over the flower and put a skewer (that I had painted green), down through one of the pleats and used hot glue to secure.  The pleat sort of hides the stick.  

The dragon fly is a piece of chipboard that I inked with Distress inks and put on a wire that I had made look like a dragonfly flight pattern.

The pot is filled with plastic bags.  I pierced the skewers into the bags and arranged the flowers as I liked them.  I then took strips of green paper and cut fringe on each strip.  I rolled sections of the strips up and messed up the fringes.  I glued on top of the plastic bags and also used to support the flowers.  

The wreath was made from a piece of chipboard that I had around the house.  The flowers were made with the Martha Stewart scoring board as described above.