12 May 2013

Scoring Board Flowers

I got a scoring board a couple of years ago at a CKC convention.  At first my primary use of the board was to make envelopes for my cards.  With the passing of time, and my desire to do more things with it, I have learned to make rosettes and accordion fan flowers.  Last week I shared the Mother's Day flowers that I made for my mom.  These flowers were made with the scoring board.  They are super simple and today I am going to share how I make the potted flowers.

I feel its better to use patterned paper and not cardstock, but not the thin patterned paper.  I used quality paper. I feel it made the flowers a bit prettier.  Cardstock would probably work, I just wanted a bit more flexibility in the flowers.

First of all I must say, I did NOT measure the width of the paper that I cut.  I imagine just eyeballing that I took a 12x12 sheet of paper and cut it around 4 inches x 12 inches.  Then cut another 3 or 4 x 12 inch strip.  I am guessing here.

For the next step I did measure.  I put a strip of the cut paper onto the scoring board.  Then I scored, using the bone folder,  the paper at every 1/2 inch across the strip.  Once you have completed that fold the paper into an accordion shape (alter the folds, mountain and valley).  At this point you can ink the edges or cut a 45 degree angle at the end of each side.  This put a little dimension in your flower. I like to ink some...cut some... and even scallop some.  It make each flower unique.

The next step may work for you, but not for me.  You should staple the middle of the accordion.  I could not get my stapler to hold the paper so I tied ribbon around the middle.  Then you can either take hot glue or Aleene's Tacky Glue.  (I prefer Aleene's) You meet the ends together to form a circle flower shape and glue. I attach binder clip until the glue dries.

Once the glue is dried you can attach at skewer to the back.  I run the skewer down through one of the accordion folds and hot glue into place.

You now decorate the middle.  I like to attach a rosette or some bling.

To make a rosette:

Cut another strip of paper.  If you want to ink or stamp the paper this is the time.  Given the amount of score lines it is difficult after you score.  This rosette if very pretty with a small stamp stamped all over the strip.

 This time you will score every 1/4 inch all the way across the paper.  Alter the folds just as you did above.  This time you will connect the strip end to end.  I like Aleene's glue here just to keep the bulk down.  Warm up the glue gun, you will need it next.

This part is a tad tricky, but with practice you will get faster at it and be able to have no issues.  I practice first.  Take the rosette that looks like this:

And push it down in the center...it should look like this:

If it does you are ready.

I take  a dab of hot glue and put on a piece of scrap paper.  Quickly push your rosette into the glue.   Hold until it sets up.   Bam! you did it!  Decorate as you desire.