12 June 2013

Homemade anti static bag

I have wanted an anti static bag for quite some time.  They are not that expensive, but I still hate to spend that money for something that I think I can make myself.

Today I have made three bags in an effort to see which formula would work best.  The formulas I tried were simple: baby powder, baby powder and cornstarch and corn starch.

The bags were also very simple to produce. I took a jewelry polishing cloth and cut out three rectangles of fabric. I did not measure, but I would say that the rectangle were 2x5.  I stitched up the sides. I wanted to make sure they were secure so I used a row of straight stitching and then a zig zag stitch.

I then labeled the top of the bags with a C (cornstarch), CB (corn starch/baby powder) and a B (baby powder).  I then filled the bags.  I used the same ratio for the mix bag, 2 t of each.  The other bags, I did not measure.

Once the bags were filled, I closed the top of the bags using a row of straight stitches followed by the zig zag stitch.

Had I been making the bags for "looks" I would have been more careful with my stitching and the overall look, but since this is just an experiment functionality was my only goal.  :)

I plan on using them each for a while and seeing which one I like best.  Have you ever tried any of these techniques?  I would be interested to see what works for you.