09 June 2013

Some bugs hanging out among the roses

On this fine day I was trying to decide what to do with the remnants of a K&Co pad that I have had for quite some time.  The pages that were left didn't thrill me so I had done nothing with them.  I decided today would be the day to change that.

I took the pages and cut out petal shapes from each page. Then I inked the back of each petal and misted each one.  While wet I wadded each petal as if each one was a piece of trash.  Then I straightened each one out.  Not perfectly! I left some of the wrinkles.

The next step was sort of messy so I did not take photos of that.  I rolled one petal up to look like the center of a rose then glued other petal around this one. You put the petals on one at a time and spin the flower around.  This looks more like a natural rose.  I would also fold over the top portion of each petal to add dimension.

The next step was to build a base for my decoration. I took an otterbox box and covered it in green paper.  Then I inked the box.  I glued a piece of Styrofoam to the middle of the box.  Then I started gluing the flowers unto the Styrofoam and box.  Once I got all the flowers where I wanted them I misted the box with Michelle's Musings Sterling Silver misting spray for a tad of sparkle.  I then to strips of tulle and folded in half.  Where the half mark was I tied a knot. I pushed a straight pin into the knot making a "tulle pick".  I then took these picks and inserted them in random spots around the flowers.

On my craft sheet I wet paper. I molded the paper into shapes that looked like bees and a butterfly body.  I molded the head and bodies of the bugs separate, this photo was taken after I had hot glued the head unto the bodies.  The next step was to attach some way to attach the bugs to the flower mound. I had some wire and decided to twist one end around a toothpick and inserted it into the foam between the flowers. I curled the wire to look a bit like a flying trail.

Once the bodies were all ready I painted them black.  After the black dried I used gesso to paint white stripes onto the bees.  Once this dried I would paint yellow over the white.

The butterfly body was made with the clear part of packaging.  I cut two just alike. On one side of the packaging I painted a design.  Once it was dried I glued the two butterfly wings together.

It took a long time for the bodies to dry. Once they did I glued the butterfly body to the wings. I wrapped a bit of wire around the bees necks and hot glued.  The butterfly body is sort of woven unto the wire and hot glued.

I used a vintage blue ribbon around the sides of the box and it's done.  Pretty cute table decoration.