07 September 2013

Creating a Paper Ruffle

I have discovered something new and fun that I simply MUST share.  I have discovered, with the help of the internet how to make a ruffle from paper and it looks like cloth.  It is a beautiful addition to a card or scrapbook page.  The best part....it's EASY!!!

What you need:
a strip of paper (not card stock)
misting bottle full of water
a stylus (not required)
good quality double sided tape.

I cut my strip about 2x12. I am a poor measurer so who knows.  I laid it flat unto my craft sheet.  The paper I used was a thinnish paper that is usually .59 per sheet at Micheal's.  Spray the strip with the misting bottle, you want it wet but not too wet.  You may need to experiment.  It was wet enough to mold, but not enough to tear. Start with a couple of pumps and run your finger along the strip to spread out the water.  If the paper doesn't appear damp add more.  Each time run your finger along the strip to spread out the water. 

Next pick up the strip and begin to "gather" it in your hands. I gathered between my thumb and forefinger. It's a bit hard to hold near the end but it will be worth it if you can.  I ended up gathering the 12 inch strip into about 4 inches.  I "fluffed" out the ruffles with my finger.  The internet said to use a stylus, but I like the look of your finger better. 

Next set aside to dry or use a heat tool. I just sat it aside for a while.  The ruffle with harden as it dries and once it is finished you will have your paper ruffle.  You will need good quality double sided tape to stick it to your card.

I told you this was EASY!