05 February 2014

Throw out 50 things part 2

Given all the snow and the fact that we are snowed in....we were able to work on the Throw out 50 things list.

We finished with number 36 last time.  If you can't remember the post here is a link.


37.  Clothes the kids have outgrown

38.  My mother-in-laws comforter.  It is very nice, hardly used but it is very old lady looking and white.  I hate white.  It is white with pink flowers if someone wants it before I take it to goodwill

39.  Bent rails from Trevor's bed.  Trevor's mattress was constantly falling through the bed because the rails were bent when we got the bed (it was used).  We are selling Grandma's house and we sold all the furniture inside it.  Well most of the furniture.  For some reason the auction company did not sell the bed.  I took the rails from that bed and brought them home.  They fit Trevor's bed....no more falling through the frame!!  I am tired of having crappy stuff that is falling apart in my home.  My goal is to get rid of it if it is falling apart.

40.  Old letters from my mother-in-law to my husband.  They are miserable.  Please remember to talk to your children nicely.  I burned these horrible letters!!!

41.  Sunshades from our Sebring that died...all our cars are now tinted.  I passed these on.

42.  Scraps of paper

43.  Pillows from my mother-in-laws house.  For some reason we brought them home.  Trevor had 8 pillows on his bed, Hannah 6, we had 5.  Too many!!!  I got rid of 4 crappy pillows.  Thrown away.

44.  We only use cloth napkins in our house, but I threw out a bunch of napkins that had seen better days.

45.  Extension cord that had been scrapped and looking pretty unsafe

46.  Screwdrivers that were chipped and really worked to remove no screw

47.  Old school agendas

48.  Paint cans that looked like they were 20 years old (and they may be)

49.  Crappy paintbrushes

50.  Cassette tapes, I have no player why did I keep these?

I am going to keep going.  Streamlining my life.