01 March 2014

A thing that makes me go hummmmmmm

I am an avid reader.  I mean,  I read all the time.  I read on a tablet, on my phone, and paper materials.  When you are constantly reading on an electronic device you use your battery (duh)....this will cause you to have to plug in your device to charge.  Now, I read while my device is charging...here's the part I don't understand.  Why does my iphone and my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab) have the charging port on the bottom?  When you read you hold the book in your lap, into your stomach, standing so you can see the page better....this is impossible is a charging cord is stuck in your belly.  What happens to your cord from this?  Oh, the cord gets a short in it causing you to have to purchase a new one.

I get that they do this for the charging stations, but why can't the port be in the side and the device charge sideways?  All of them have rotating screens so you can still use it on the station. What did you say?  Why can't I read sideways? I can, but it messes up the book "page". Have you tried it?  It's all funky. 

My solution to the problem is to always keep a paper book in my reading rotation so I can read paperwise while I am trying to charge.  

Just wondering and open to any of your opinions.