02 March 2014

Keurig k cup gift box

I saw this on the internet, but there were no directions.  Never fear, I can figure it out.  I am going to do the best I can with directions.  The problem will be that I do NOT like to measure things, I rarely do, so often measurements are an afterthought.  I apologize for that, I just would rather eyeball it (I'm pretty accurate there, then measure).

First I made my triangle base. I did this by placing six k-cups in a triangle shape and then drew around it.  The top line is about 8 inches, the side 8.5, I warned you.

Next, I flipped the kcups over (top side down) and placed them where I wanted them in the final product...I drew around the lid of each one.  I took scissors and cut a tad inside this line.   I made sure the kcup would fit each hole.  Once I had those like I wanted them, I used a compass and made the circles perfect (I did not have any die or punch the right size or I would have used that).  Then I made a bottom for the box using the same triangle on no holes.

I took a pizza box and cut some sides.  They started out at the 8.5 and 8 inch long that I "measured" before and were 2 inches tall. I wanted the sides 1.5 that is why I chose 2 inches. I took my scoring board and scored .25 inch on each side of the strip making a lip.  I glued the sides to the bottom part of the box.  I did not have to alter my 8.5x2 or 8x2 strips at all!

I mod podged a triangle to the bottom of the inside of the box.  Then I cut strips of paper slightly less than 1.5 inches and covered the inside sides of the box.

I covered the top of the box with a sheet of paper, leaving about .25 inch hanging off so I could tuck it under and make a nice finish.  I used mod podge to adhere paper.  Once that dried I cut slits in the circles so I could tuck the paper on the underside of each circle for a better finish. I did not take a photo of this as it was too messy.  Once the top side was dry I adhered it to the bottom with sides piece.

I then took strips of paper and mod podged them unto anywhere where raw cardboard  or a rough edge was showing.

This took me about 2 hours start to finish.