01 June 2014

start of summer....

Summer vacation has started.  During the summer, I always make goals to accomplish a lot of stuff on my list.  This summer I plan to replace a board on my deck, to fix my kitchen sink (it's leaky), to make something for my soffit in my kitchen, to finish my decorating in my kitchen (I am working on a coffee theme), clean out the garage, touch up paint in the living room, make curtains for my bedroom, and organize my store room.  Most of these tasks are very inexpensive (like free---only my time is involved).

I have started the summer by creating some art.  My first work was this stained glass picture that I found on the internet. I used prisma color pencils.  There is green on her hair. It is not on the picture so it must have been on the camera lens.  This was placed in my art journal, which is an old hardback book.

The next little painting is a canvas paper that I painted in many colors and then sprayed with my Michelle's Musings sprays.  I drew a girl on a sheet of mixed media paper and then painted her with water colors.  Once she was dry I cut her out and glued her onto the canvas.  I think she is pretty cool.

Next was a 6x6 canvas that I picked up at Dick Blick. I painted the background blue, and added a stencil wood icing letter thingy.  Then I added a doily that was done with Michelle's Musings sprays, some Graphic 45 papers, a die cut I made from my cricut (using Art Nouveau), a Fabulous metal piece that I have had for years, some pearls, a bingo chip, a tassel and a pebble.  Finally I finished it off with some glitter, just what my friend DiAnna loves.

The last thing I finished was a color book I made for a friend of mine.  She had a baby like 12 weeks ago, and I am just now finding time to finish this.  I made one of these for my daughter many years ago, she wore it out.  I redid it when Trevor came along and I got it out the other day and saw, he pretty much destroyed it too.  I hope this little guy likes it as much as they did. The first photo is the one I made for Braxton, the second photo is the one that my kids chewed to bits.  It won first place in the Arkansas State Fair with Hannah and the redid version won Best of Show at the McCracken County Fair.